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Charles asks…

Have any of you ever got scammed with a time share deal?

Im always gettting calls on how I “won” a trip or a car, the only catch is i have to go to a seminar & listen about purchasing a time share. I never go but it just sounds too good to be true so I stay away. Have any of you ever had this happen to you? What are your thoughts on time shares?

admin answers:

As far as I’m concerned, they are all scams.

That’s why I don’t bother with them.

They are the biggest joke in real estate. All they do is legally sell the same property over and over again.

John asks…

What careers don’t focus heavily on math or science?

In today’s society, what are some reasonably high paying careers to consider getting into that are consistent (in high demand) and are not dependent on advanced math and/or science skills?
When i say “dependent” on advanced math and science skills, i mean that the job isn’t revolving around them. I encourage suggesting jobs that do include math and science, just not when they are very heavily integrated in which you would not be sufficient to work in that field if you weren’t top notch at it.

admin answers:

You can go into business. LOL Joking

A good field is politics. You can really make a killing in politics without knowing anything. I mean just look at the crack pots we have now.

Law is a good field, and it doesnt focus on math or science.

Real estate was good back in the day.

Advertising is a decent field, the problem of course is competition.

Corporate Lobbying and astroturfing is a very good field, lots of money

Conservative talk radio. Easy easy job, just go on talk out your butt, and bash up a big fan base, you will get alot of sponsors. Rush Limbaugh makes millions and he didnt even finish high school. Glen Beck didnt even go to college and hes a millionaire

Porn producer, dont laugh you can make bank very quickly selling porn you wouldnt believe. Uts a tough business though, lots of competition, but you can do it.

In all these fields if your very good you can easily make above 100k/ year as much as over 250K Gifted 2017 movie now

Science and engineering jobs are significantly harder, and pay alott less for some reason. A engineer rarely rarely makes in the 200K range, and the ones that do have years of experience on them. The other fields i listed, you can make that money and higher in no time.

Helen asks…

what are some of your fave things to do in santa barbara?

we are planning on moving there, but we still have to keep convinsing my dad on letting us! what are some fun things to do there? for the family, for eveyone! btw hes not a golfer…

admin answers:

Many people in Santa Barbara tend to like outdoorsy type stuff, like running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and golf. There are big community athletic events and many people, including teens, participate. Because of this, it feels like everyone know everyone else. It’s actually also very artsy, and big on book clubs and wine tastings. Many adults work for one of the colleges in the area.

There are touristy things to do, but moving there is different. First, there are not many jobs that support making enough money to afford to live there. They have problems keeping even the highly paid employees at UCSB, because they cannot afford to live in SB. And because of SB’s small size, there aren’t that many high paying jobs. Like in LA we have lots of physicians and biglaw attorneys, that’s the kind of money you need to live comfortably in SB. But in SB, there are very few jobs like that, those jobs are in big cities.

My relative jokes that his wife married him for his zip code and condo. They both have very nice incomes, plus he has a great pension (more than most people make in their jobs), but they live in a condo, because that’s the most they can afford. When they got married they went from his one bedroom to a two bedroom condo. So it’s hard for someone supporting a family to move to SB, to afford a home, to find jobs.

Also, the price of real estate is very high in SB, higher than most of LA, literally higher than most of the country, and there aren’t a lot of reasonably priced family sized rental apartments or homes. If your family owns a home, they would need to sell it, and the market isn’t very good right now in most places, meaning that your parents may not be able to sell your house what they’ve paid for it — they might still owe money to the bank — most people can’t afford that. So, unfortunately, there may be many reasons your dad might not want to move.

Here are tourist things to do in SB:
SB Activity Guide
Downtown SB
SB Zoo
Botanic Garden
SB Museum of Art
SB Museum of Natural History
SB Historical Museum
SB Maritime Museum
Karpeles Manuscript Library
Old Mission Santa Barbara
Solvang is nearby

Remember, you can always do good in school and then attend UCSB or Westmont for college, or attend SBCC for community college.

Good luck!

Joseph asks…

Anyone with legal experience,( prefer a lawyer) I want to know How could I Raffle off My Home?

My Home is appraised at about $85k I want to Raffle it off, and travel the country. I am thinking of $1,252.00 per ticket and selling
between 300-500 tickets. The winning ticket would get a Paid off $85k Home in a beautiful neighborhood for just $1,252.00 NO strings attached, NOT a joke! This is for REAL! Open to Idea’s on how this could be done. What’s the BEST way to advertize it? What legal pitfalls would there be, an MOST importantly HOW can they be overcome?

admin answers:

You don’t say where you’re located… Some states (I know for certain, Texas) have laws specifically prohibiting raffling real estate.

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