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Ruth asks…

How hard is it to get into real estate after you get your license?

I am wanting to become a real estate agent but I have read horror stories online about how hard it is to become on. My local college offers the course and I really want to take it but I am hoping someone can give me some input on if it is the right choice. I know it takes a while to start getting income from it and I’m fine with that. Question is, is it that bad?

admin answers:

Count on 1 year with no income at all, in fact you will be paying to be a real estate agent, and another year of just breaking even, earning enough to pay to be an agent.

If you are still doing it full time in 3 years you should start earning money.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Lisa asks…

Real estate agents/brokers how much do you make?

I don’t mean to be forward but as a real estate agent how much do you make and where do you sell real estate? Where are some good places to sell real estate in the northeast? Please give actual answers to the question or prior experience/stories. Thanks so much guys!

admin answers:

You earn a percentage of each real estate that you sell. The more expensive the property the more you make. Typically, 8 to 10%. The locales with the highest populations are the most lucrative: New York City, the Hamptons on Long Island, New Haven, Providence RI, Boston. You gotta go where the big bucks are.

Linda asks…

How Much Should I Pay for a Termite Inspection and Prevention Treatment?

I have recently moved into a new house in Graniteville, SC and I need to have it inspected for termites. I have not seen any termite activity around the house and the real estate agent stated that an earlier inspection revealed no infestation. I simply want to be sure. How much should I be expected to pay for an inspection/treatment for a 1500 SF single story brick house? Any help is appreciated.

admin answers:

I have had the big termite guys come in with a free inspection but then had to put up with the hard sell to get treatments, bait systems, or long term inspection contracts.

Generally smaller pest inspectors charge between $50 and $100 for an inspection and will roll that into the cost should termites be found.

We had beginning infestation on a two story 1700 sq ft home that cost us $1200 for direct treatment of the area and drill/trench treatment of the entire slab. The big termite guys quoted at least twice this for the treatment of just the infected area and expected us to pay 500-600 a year for bait treatment system or wouldn’t guarantee their work.

Termites are in the ground just about everywhere in the south. Getting an inspection every year or two is just a smart idea.

Also you can do a self inspection see the link below, but I wouldn’t trust my own abilities on something this important.

Laura asks…

I was approached by a major home builder concerning my lot that I plan to sell. How do I give him an offer?

The lot used to be residential with a mobile home. That home is not there anymore. It was also used for manufacturing and retailing concrete statues for about 40 years. There is a two story work building. We are in the process of cleaning up the property. The owner of the home building company approached me. I did not know if I should hire an appraiser or lawyer or see a real estate agent or what. Thanks for your help.

admin answers:

To get a ballpark figure of the value of the property you should have a realtor give you a ballpark figure. Ask the realtor if he/she has sales of comparable properties in your area. To get a specific figure you should hire an appraiser. Also, you will need an attorney to close the deal.

Michael asks…

Is it legal to keep a security deposit even if you choose not to move in?

A friend of mine recently applied for an apartment. She was required to give a 100 dollar down towards her security deposit. She was contacted the next day and told that she had been approved. So they asked her to give the remaining balance of the security deposit. Long story short, she gave the money but now she isn’t able to move in due to a family issue. the real estate agent said that she would have to forfeit the security deposit. Is that legal even despite the fact that she didn’t sign a lease.

admin answers:

Depending on whom you are dealing with. Whoever it is, you need to do some work start by writing a formal letter send to them by certified and regular mail to the party you are dealing with. The reason you have to send it twice is because some people won’t pick up certified mail that is where a copy by regular mail is necessary. Do not throw away the returned mail and keep them in your folder for record. In the letter, tell them you did not sign the lease and you are entitled to have your money back. If the letter is for the landlord, you tell her to pay up or else you are going to take her to small claim court. (Go to your nearly by town hall to file small claim)

If you are dealing with a management company your can stated if they don’t refund your money you will turn them in with the local Realtor Association and State Realtor Licensing Department for Ethical Violation. The truth is when their License on stalk, you will get their attention very quickly. Good Luck.

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