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A funny partly-true romantic comedy. Check it out here


real estate rookie by bob boog

Bob Boog is a real estate broker and author who writes about real estate, marketing and making money. Click to check out: “The Real Estate Rookie and My Real Estate Nightmare: based on a true story which means things happened more or less like this, but with Uglier people.

real estate rookie by bob boog
My Real Estate Nightmare is a funny book


I discovered that many people would rather watch TV than read, so I created a video course on how to make a little extra money.

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Find Bargain Homes for sale

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"Selling Outside the Square" by Bob Boog
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Note:  CLICK HERE to visit for Bob’s latest book, Selling Outside the Square CLICK HERE to Amazon

Hi, my name is Bob Boog and I am a sucker for books that help motivate me to make more sales. I even have a weakness for books on selling or that have “rich” or “millionaire” in their titles. I study the art of persuasion because I want to know how to sell better. But one day I asked myself a dumb question: What causes a buyer to make a purchase in the first place? I answer the questing in Selling Outside the Square.


CLICK Here for Elephant – performed by various artists  but written by Robert Boog

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A Review of Robert Boog’s Album Elephant written by Christopher Marsh

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Check out Blindspot by Robert Boog available on Spotify


Mortgage Modifications Made Easy!

Real Estate Sales from Hell

Selling Homes 1-2-3

Even if you are not in real estate, you can learn how to make some extra money – anywhere from $15 to $500 per day, click here.

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