Best Santa Clarita Ca Dance Places

Lisa asks…

Dance Clubs in California near Pasadena, Burbank, Santa Clarita?

Any sweet dance clubs/hangouts in Pasadena, Burbank, or Santa Clarita? Any good spots in old Pasadena? I work in Pasadena but I don’t know any night spots.

Not Hollywood Blvd though…too many crazy, mad, celebs.
When a good time to go to Menage? Friday after work? Friday at 10pm? Sat at 10pm? Can you wear baseball caps?

Admin answers:

Santa Clarita is a bedroom community – great for raising kids but Santa Clarita nightlife isn’t really anything to write home about. Having said that here are a few places to check out.

Best Santa Clarita Hangout Spots

A cool place to hang out in Santa Clarita on Friday/Sat nights is Salt Creek Grille at 24415 Town Center Dr, Valencia 661-222-9999 . Have a drink or two and then watch a movie.. or just “people-watch” while listening to a young guy or girl playing acoustic guitar.

Wokcano 24201 W Valencia Blvd  (661) 244-9733

 Wokcano serves sushi but turns into a wine place (ALL women love wine,right?) .

BJ’s Bar and Grille 24320 Town Center Dr.Valencia, CA 91355 (661) 288-1299.. Stop by for a burger and beer on a Weds night. Around 9:00 or so, the place turns into a fun karaoke fest.

Best Dance Club Santa Clarita

Mabel’s Roadhouse may not be be the best Santa Clarita Dance Club but it usually has live music and dancing on Fridays and Saturday nights. It is located next to Chi Chi’s (best cheese pizza in town).  26328 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350 (661) 259-8822

There’s also Doc’s Inn 23912 Lyons Ave, Newhall 661-254-1651 — again, maybe not the best dance club in Santa Clarita because it has a small dance floor but there is usually a live band on Friday/Sat nights.

The Drifters in Valencia at 25848 Tournament Rd, Valencia is a cool hangout spot in Santa Clarita that offers Karaoke on Friday/Sat nights and people do get up and dance. Pretty fun time on a Sat night, I must admit. 661-255-3356.

"Santa Clarita Dance Places"

But your best bet for dancing is to leave Santa Clarita. There are fun places in Burbank, Hollywood and even Pasadena. Check out Club Menage on Colorado in Pasadena. Not a bad place to hang… Plays mostly Kiss FM stuff.

Villa Soriso on Colorado in Pasadena. This place is a restaurant and a club. Small dance floor… None the less fun! They offer VIP seating with bottle service purchase upstairs. You’ll see a lot of people in business attire as they probably came straight from work. It’s a great place.

All the irish pubs are cool to hang out at. Cover prices are high on holidays.

P.s. You won’t see any celebs there. I’ve never encountered any! If they are chillin in Pasadena… They’re probably in a club or lounge you wouldn’t even think of going to.

Robert asks…

Should I fly or drive to California?

Ok so I live in Alabama and am planning a move to Santa Clarita, California (which is just about 45 minutes away from L.A.) This is a move and not a visit, so I will need to bring a lot of stuff and have my car. I’ve never flown anywhere before in my life so I don’t know anything about flying and if there is anyway to actually move all your stuff while flying to another state.

My question is what is going to be cheaper or get my stuff with me to California?

admin answers:

Driving is about 5 times cheaper than flight! You need to consider oil prices or airplane tickets before a trip.

Driving Pros:
-More efficient for the economy
-Save more money
-offers chances for you to see landmarks before arriving at your destination!
-Allows your car to be with you during your vacation
-Allows a rental of moving trucks with you!
Driving CONS:
-Very tiring! FATIGUE-wise
-Requires several oil and gas rechargments
-May require more than 1 person to drive
-Roadways to the destination may be harsh or even dangerous. Eg. Rocky mountains!
-Parking! Consider hotel fees!

Flying Pros:
-Gets job done easily
-Carries more people at a time!
Flying CONS:
-WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! At the airport!
-MORE expensive (I wouldn’t recommend unless you are going to countries far away from yours!)
-You require a mode of transportation when you arrive!
-You can’t carry luggage heavier than the weight limit. I forgot it sorry.

I recommend using a moving truck or maybe call some friends to help you! That way it is cheaper and offers less work! Good luck!

P.S: Is your home near a body of water? You can rent a ship to carry luggage!

Donna asks…

Anyone know a Running track that is open all the time in Santa clarita?

I went to the college of the canyons track on Friday. I loved it so much. I went to it yesterday on Saturday only to find some team practicing so I didn’t run on the track, then I went later at like 5 only to find some child cheerleaders doing some event. I was so dissapointed. Today again I get up early only to find the freaking track locked and a farmers markets going on. Anyone know a public track I can run on in Santa clarita, California
Lol, it’s not that I didn’t run on it cause there’s people. It’s because it’s their track, and they Are using it. It’s like going to a neighbors pool when he ain’t home. I would be a distraction, and have no business there.

admin answers:

You have too many criteria. A public track that nobody else uses, and is open all the time: It just doesn’t exist. Be thankful that CoC has a nice track for you to run on.

Technically, CoC isn’t a public track, anyway. There’s usually a small sign somewhere that says that you can be on campus only by their permission. While that doesn’t present a problem most times, keep in mind it can be revoked any time for any reason.

Finally, if it’s a public track, remember that there are other people who are part of “the public”.

Just out of curiosity, if a team is practicing on the field, what is preventing you from running around the track?

What about Hart High? There are also paseos in Valencia and an 8 mile bicycle trail that runs along the wash behind the old Asian buffet place on Valencia Blvd and Magic Mtn Parkway — across the street from Honda.

Joseph asks…

Where in Santa Clarita (valencia), Ca. can a nice wedding in September  take place that won’t be pricey?

My sister is getting married in September and we are looking for a nice unexpensive place to have her wedding reception. We live in Santa Clarita (valencia), California right by Six Flags Magic Mt. Does anyone know of some nice places where the wedding reception can be held? Looking to have about 100-150 guest, indoor would be ideal, but outdoors is not ruled out and we want to be able to serve alcoholic beverages. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

Try Kelly’s in Canyon Country. Le Chene in Agua Dulce or Lemonaide in Santa Paula. Or try this:

Go to
Click on ‘Talk’ on the top.
Click on the drop down box next to ‘Local Boards’
Select the are of California you live in.

Ask this same question there. It is a wedding planning message forum where girls in your area ask and answer questions like that. They’d be able to give you some great ideas! Not trying to shove you off but I just know they are all from your area and would have a lot more suggestions. Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Any apple farms in california? places like simi valley, valencia, santa clarita,…???

admin answers:

Nope. Try the orange groves off Highway 126
for Agriculture and/or Farming

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